Fintech Software
Technology Design
and Advisory Services

Advice on FinTech at Every Phase of Your Project
Our software engineering and project management professionals can help you at every stage, from conceptualization to implementation and beyond. Take advantage of our domain expertise and our ability to develop software quickly and efficiently. No matter if you are a well-established financial institution or a fledgling startup. You can provide business-to-business or business-to-consumer services. From every angle, we facilitate fintech.
Corporate lead consulting
Enrich your team quickly with the help of our IT-Experts!
Custom software development & consulting
Custom software solutions and related services
Testing & quality assurance services
Ensure that all features are up to date and functional!
Fintech analysis services
We can help you find places where you can do better!
Project design & development services
Creating safe and effective project repositories!
CRM system development services
Assisting you in maintaining satisfied customers!
The creation of an erp system for an organization
Effortless interdepartmental communication and data transfer!
Custom payment integrations development & consulting
Payment integration consulting & development services
Auditing and testing of the websites
Test your website against a selected set of regulations or standards
Providing Advice or Counseling
Our company offers services in both architectural and project management. Our experience in the global financial industry can serve as the cornerstone on which you build your e-wallet and online payment businesses.
  • Years of working on fintech consulting.
  • Expertise in security and compliance processes (KYC, AML/CFT, PCI DSS) and regional laws.
  • In-depth expertise in various fields (Risk Management, E-Money licensing, and Fraud Prevention, among others).
  • Ability to build and manage projects using an agile methodology (Kanban, Scrum, LeSS)
Creating, testing and auditing Financial Technology Software
Here at ExemplaryLab, we prioritize our clients' ideas. Our company is designed to meet the specific needs of your company in terms of its structure, operations, and legal framework.
  • Incorporation of both tried-and-true frameworks (like Java 11 ro Spring and Hibernate) and cutting- edge technologies (like blockchain) when required.
  • Automation utilizing cutting-edge technology (e.g. Docker, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Flyway...)
  • Training once a year ensures continued mastery of PCI DSS-required secure programming practices.
  • Expertise in developing software for digital wallets and payments.
How we work
  • Combining Off-Site and On-Site Programming
    We leverage cutting-edge technology to rapidly apply our expertise in any part of the world to any of your software development projects. For the sake of efficiency, we prefer to conduct our job remotely. Because of this, our software engineering staff can be readily available to you without requiring extensive travel time. However, we can accommodate off-hours and weekends if you need a developer on-site for your project.
  • Teams led by Solution Architects
    Our teams are led by expert Solution Architects, ensuring technical excellence and strategic alignment with your business goals. They navigate complex challenges and deliver scalable, efficient, and secure solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Scrum-Based Workflow
    We utilize a Scrum-based workflow to ensure efficiency and transparency. By working in sprints, we deliver incremental value and adapt quickly to changes. Regular updates and reviews keep you involved and informed throughout the development process.
  • Maintenance and Delivery That Never Stops
    Our commitment to maintenance and delivery is unwavering, offering round-the-clock support and continuous improvements. We proactively monitor and update your systems, ensuring minimal downtime and seamless service, so your operations run smoothly.
Legal Management Consulting
Legal departments and law firms are under intense pressure from many directions. Accommodating requests for additional work with the same or less resources needs skill and attention to detail to avoid damaging financial results. We offer:
  • Legal and Corporate Structuring
  • Legal and Corporate Structuring
  • Bank Accounts Opening
  • Advisory on E-payments
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